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Rusty lives life full-throttle!  This 3 year old Beagle Mix may also be part Retriever, but he is all Energizer Bunny. He will do many laps before he is ready to snuggle with his pit crew. Rusty spent critical formative years on a heavy chain until he was rescued from that lonely and stressful existence. Rusty is adorable and very sweet. He’s 40 pounds, but should be 35.  He essentially is an untrained puppy. Picture him as a lump of clay ready to be sculpted into YOUR perfect companion. Rusty has had to quickly learn a lot about life off the chain, but he’s made amazing progress thus far. Continued socialization and compassionate training will build his confidence and fine tune his manners and social skills. He can be protective of his food items, when other dogs approach and can be overly focused on food because he might not have been fed regularly. His food motivation can be used to the trainer’s advantage however.  Rusty was fostered with other dogs and dog savvy cats but may chase them.  Rusty has been released from his virtual prison chains so we prefer he go to a family who will keep him very busy with activities or work, rather than leave him alone all day. Rusty is just discovering how much fun it is to play with toys. He may enjoy agility, fly ball or other sports where he can regularly burn off his energy. A securely fenced yard would be ideal for this little guy to run to his hearts content. Rusty deserves a second chance at a good life where he is the center of someone’s world, rather than the long-forgotten outgrown bicycle discarded out back.  Can you put Rusty in the Winners Circle by providing him with a forever home?

ARNNE dogs are altered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and on Heartworm and Flea Prevention.  Hours by appointment only. Prospective adopters will be screened meticulously, including a home and background check.  For more information, please fill out an adoption request form at www.arnne.org (click on ADOPTION FORM highlighted at the top). Email us at info@arnne.org or call the shelter’s message line at 603-233-4801. Meet some of our adoptable pets at Monthly Pet Adoption Day.  Select Pet Adoption Day above.

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Animal Rescue Network of New England needs donations Every year you help us save hundreds of dogs who would otherwise be euthanized in high-kill shelters.

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ARNNE Needs Volunteers

Help ARNNE with email, adoption, fundraising and public relations.

Help ARNNE with email, adoption, fundraising and public relations.

ARNNE needs volunteers to help with the dogs we rescue.

Volunteer opportunities include:

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Our Mission

We rescue dogs from high-kill shelters.

We rescue dogs from high-kill, overcrowded shelters.

Our mission is quite simple: To create a unified network of shelters and rescue organizations throughout New England, all working together for a common good.

It is common, everyday practice to have to kill dogs and cats in an over crowded shelter to make room for incoming animals.

Meanwhile in another shelter across town or across state borders, there are no dogs available for adoption. An opportunity …

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Pet Adoption Days

Pet Adoption Days are a refreshing cooperative effort among area rescue organizations to place loving, homeless animals.

A staggering 8-10 million animals are euthanized each year simply because there are not enough homes.

Most dogs are spayed or neutered. All are current on vaccines, temperament tested, and are eager to be someone’s new best friend.

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View available dogs and cats

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Pet Adoption Days

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Go to a Pet Adoption Day in Pelham

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Fill out an adoption application.

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