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  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without dogsPrefers home without catsPrefers home without small kids
Starr is a two-year-old purebred American Staffordshire Terrier. She is a short-coated spunky redhead with a white chest and white socks. Yeah, she’s built like a Sherman tank, but very sweet. She has the most beautiful, soulful eyes that sparkle when she sees her caretakers approach. Of course, she has the “pittie” wiggle butt, dancing feet, tail whipping greeting dance down pat. She does smile but when we pull out the camera, she goes into full DIVA mode. Starr needs someone with a heart of gold that will be as loyal to her as she is to them. She lacks early socialization and may become a bit nervous in new or highly distractive settings, so she requires a knowledgeable handler. She has a dedicated team that works with her daily to fine-tune her manners and increase her confidence. She has made great strides towards becoming our STAR pupil in just a few short weeks that she has been receiving structured training. Although not 100% reliable yet, Starr does know heel, sit, come, down, wait, high five, and go to bed. Starr may bark to appropriately alert of strangers, but quickly settles. Starr would do best with someone that will continue her gradual socialization and obedience training. Though Starr likes people, she isn’t overly affectionate. She doesn’t typically jump on people or pester them for attention. Starr has medium energy. A good walk, short training sessions, or game of fetch and she is ready for snuggle time. She is very dignified, quiet and can be reserved until she really gets to know you. She likes to walk and LOVES car rides. She enjoys looking out the window hoping her forever home will be just around the next curve. Starr is very strong willed and athletically built so she needs someone that can match her strength and strong mind with experience, compassion, leadership and patience. The ideal forever home for Starr is an adult only home with someone that has previous bully breed or large dog experience. Starr is, well the Star of the Show, and prefers to not share her home with other animals. Due to her size and activity level, Starr is not appropriate for homes with children. Starr is working on canine social skills so that she can become more comfortable around other dogs she may encounter on her adventures. Starr has been homeless for some time now, but she remains happy and playful. She soaks up love, massages and attention like a sponge and is a kennel favorite. We share her hope that someone out there can grant her wish of forever knowing that she is cherished and safe. If you are looking for a loyal,non-judgemental best friend that will ALWAYS be ready to roll with you on an adventure, tolerate your silly antics or ride shotgun with you through the countryside, Starr’s your girl! She will be that true friend that will celebrate the good times and weather the bad times with you, a quiet presence that will love and worship you forever. Visit the Adopt Starr Facebook page to see Starr's newest adventures. ARNNE supports the rescue/critical care/boarding expenses of local town/city animal control officers that otherwise only have authorization to vaccinate or euthanize. Every life is precious but it takes funds to save lives. Adoption fees rarely cover the expenses of rescuing, boarding and providing exemplary medical care to the animals in our program. All animals have had a thorough exam, are treated for any parasites or infections, spay/neutered, current on vaccines and micro-chipped. For more information, please fill out an adoption request form at Email or call the shelter at 603-233-4801 and a volunteer will return your call. See our adoptable pets at our Pet Adoption Day. Visit and select Pet Adoption Day.
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