Donor Wall – Our Grateful Thanks for Donations to ARNNE

This is ARNNE’s DONOR WALL where we acknowledge donations to ARNNE in honor of or in loving memory of special animals, people and groups. Donations can be made in loving memory of an animal or person. Or they can be made in honor of an animal, person or group/organization. Thank you to all of our amazing and wonderful donors who rescue animals every single day with their donations.

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 First Last Donation Payment Date
JEANNEDIROCCO$100.00December 24, 2020
KellyBatherwich$45.00December 17, 2020
Pablo'sPaw Prints$87.65December 15, 2020
AnneMerwin$375.00December 15, 2020
Ron & ChristinaGonzalez$50.00December 15, 2020
KatyDunderdale$250.00December 13, 2020
GARYSTEVENS$50.00December 11, 2020
AmityDonohoe$200.00December 10, 2020
SalPerruccio$100.00December 9, 2020
Pablo'sPaw Prints$50.00December 5, 2020
LaurenNute (donated on behalf of Kelly Cudak)$100.00December 2, 2020
KathyFoytho$50.00December 1, 2020
FrancesDemiany$25.00December 1, 2020
NancySousa$100.00November 21, 2020
MarySanford$100.00November 12, 2020
JeniferSchena$150.00October 21, 2020
EmilyRicco$200.00October 8, 2020
Fran and SueDemian/Herz$40.00October 4, 2020
JeanneFitzgerald$100.00October 4, 2020
StephenEldridge$25.00September 30, 2020
KatherineBlye$425.00September 30, 2020
DaisyAbleidinger$20.00September 28, 2020
MeganWiseman$50.00September 28, 2020
JustinWard$10.00September 28, 2020
MaryEllenRiley$20.00September 28, 2020
AaronG$35.00September 25, 2020
DeanSousa$250.00September 25, 2020
KellySeeger$100.00September 21, 2020
NancySousa$50.00September 13, 2020
christinatetreault$50.00September 9, 2020
KathleenJasilewicz$50.00August 29, 2020
ChailleCohen$50.00August 18, 2020
ReedKarasik$50.00August 18, 2020
JuliaLongley$500.00July 10, 2020
CathyKirby$180.00June 30, 2020
MelissaMagnuson Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital$500.00June 30, 2020
CarolineBogart$5.00June 19, 2020
CarolineBogart$5.00June 19, 2020
 First Last Donation Payment Date
Thank You for These Donations in Memory of Someone or a Special Animal - Click to Donate in Memory of a Special Person or Animal
 First Last Total  Message 
TheZwirko/Arguin Family$150.00We miss you and love you so much! We are so lucky for all the love you gave us.Optional Honoree Image
Rhoda and DavidPahl$25.00In loving memory of sweet Bubba- such a love!Optional Honoree Image
DavidGottesman$100.00So sorry for your loss, Lori, and family. He was a great guy.Optional Honoree Image
DanSnyder$100.00Bud was a great guy. We lovingly donate in his memory.Optional Honoree Image
TommyBolduc$100.00Optional Honoree Image
TroyBabb$100.00Optional Honoree Image
JillBillings$100.00Optional Honoree Image
Peg & JimLaLiberte$50.00In memory of Jill (Chenard) BillingsOptional Honoree Image
MelindaSnyder$200.00Jill made this world a better place. I feel blessed to have met her.Optional Honoree Image
Tim&LisaRedding$200.00In Memory of Jill BillingsOptional Honoree Image
AnitaMorris$100.00In loving memory of the compassionate and vibrant Jill BillingsOptional Honoree Image
HeatherKaiser$20.00Optional Honoree Image
JenniferSanchez Gaudet$25.00love and hugs to you and your family Deb
Division ofEducation$100.00
AmyBryson$200.00We will love you forever! Love, Amy & Tom
JenniferRyan$50.00Thinking of you, from Diane and JennOptional Honoree Image
MelindaTodgham$15.00Optional Honoree Image
MarneyKirk$20.00In Memory of Theresa “Terry” MaddoxOptional Honoree Image
Johns Hopkins Govt& Community Affairs$100.00From the Johns Hopkins Office of Government and Community Affairs in memory of Terry MaddoxOptional Honoree Image
KathyGuillory$50.00In loving memory of Buttons,who found the perfect home for her Golden years
Paul and LouiseDelehanty$20.00Caring and loving thoughts at this sad time
LorraineBurt$25.00For Karl, a kind man and a cat lover.
BrianCurrier$100.00In loving memory of my sister's dog Waldo!Optional Honoree Image
MichelleLambert$50.00In memory of Klondike. I will split donation with PSHR! We miss him terribly!Optional Honoree Image
WarrenHamlin$100.00For surgery expenses
Christina(Jasilewicz)Gonzalez$75.00Starr we all love you at the shelter! We are praying you find your forever home!
AimeJalbert$100.00For a wonderful Dad and a man who loved animals and always had wouldlight up seeing them. RIP xxxxooooOptional Honoree Image
StephanieLiberman$50.00Lisa, we are so sorry for your loss. Your group at AQYR.
StephanieLiberman$50.00Donating on behalf of AQYR Technologies.
AQYRTechnologies Inc$50.00Lisa, we are so sorry for your loss. Your group at AQYR.
Marc and LauraTancrede$50.00You loved your pets dearly. They were great companions on all your travels
ReihlMahoney$500.00Thank you for finding Amy and Tiny a forever home.
Juilegallagher$100.00Mom's and mine in memory of. We had some issues with the sight. So, took short cut and sent pics an captions in. So no worrys.. pics in 🙂
JennaLabonte$25.00Chloe, you will forever be in our hearts, sweet angel!Optional Honoree Image
SandraTurchi$25.00Commemorating his love of animals
SusanLouisignau$50.00In memory of a sweet dog who loved her tennis balls
ElizabethSilverman$10.00Pls donate
The LaBonteFamily$25.00Always in our hearts, a faithful best friend who'll never be forgotten.Optional Honoree Image
Reliance AutocareInc.$100.00
Ledge Street School Sunshine FundNashua, NH$50.00
Doris & RichardCasey$25.00
Paul and LouiseDelehanty$50.00We miss you. Love, Mom and DadOptional Honoree Image
Jeanne & AntonioDiRocco$100.00
Dr Titus Hon. ClairePlomaritis$1,000.00
Christina & JasenTetreault$20.00
AmyBryson$50.00Thinking of a special mom on this Valentine's Day❤
SandraSimon$50.00Our First Christmas w/o you, you will be missed Buttery
Louise and JohnMurphy$50.00Best friends we've ever had.
PamelaSkovira$40.00Our Best Bud!
gil & LoriLambert$50.00
Rocert J.Barry$25.00
Dielectric SciencesInc.$100.00
The Casey Family$25.00
Patricia A.Chumack$100.00
Mr. & Mrs. JamesNiziak$25.00
Virginia M.Kirane$50.00
The Staff of the Jacques Memorial School, Milford NH$50.00
Laura AlexesObrien$100.00
r. Kevin S. MoriartyNashua NH$100.00
Mr. & Mrs. WilliamQuigley$100.00
Mr. & Mrs. JohnCutrumbes$25.00
Mr. & Mrs. JamesPoulin$25.00
Mr. & Mrs. NormanTardiff$5.00
Mr.& Mrs. LarryGorham$10.00
Mr. & Mrs. HerberFarrell$50.00
 First Last Total  Message 
Thank You for These Donations in Honor of Someone or a Special Animal - Click to Donate in Honor of a Special Person or Animal
 First Last In honor of: Message Total Entry Date Image
JackMahanNorman J Smith$400.00February 19, 2021
DianeChubbBuddy LaBrecqueGood people have great dogs. Buddy was the best, because he had the best.$15.00January 18, 2021Image
BrendanCorriganScott Neskey$25.00December 10, 2020
ValentineZandUnknown Kittenrip baby kitty we love you you did not die in vain$40.00July 27, 2020
Ann MarieRollingAbbey and LivGreat job raising money by selling candles girls❤️$30.00July 1, 2020
DanWatkinsErika Watkins & DaisyIf possible, I'd love this donation to please be used to aid whoever is currently taking care of Erika Watkins' former dog, Daisy. I believe it may have been Julie Gallagher.$30.00December 5, 2019
Billerica WinwaterWorks CompanyJohn "JP" PorterWe enjoyed working with you. You will be missed.$200.00July 16, 2019Image
AlysonNormanMary CorredorMary is an avid animal lover and does so much for organizations that involve saving the lives of animals! She is also a dedicated SLP who goes above and beyond daily for every student and adult that she works with! We love you Mary!$180.00June 13, 2019
DerekChaputRamGet that good boy Ram his heartworm medication, that beautiful dog deserves to live the rest of his life being happy and healthy. I wish I could foster but time constraints and my current dog prevent that, I hope this helps!$10.00April 21, 2019
DianeGarretsonRamfor his treatment$50.00April 18, 2019
Kevin and GloriaFraserWill BellevilleYou will always be remembered$50.00April 13, 2019
MichaelBolenHoserThis donation is so other hosers out there will find a loving home like our hoser did.$75.00December 25, 2018Image
FranDemianyGracie (beagle-basset)Bubba and Moki (ARNNE beagles) want to help with Gracie's care$36.00December 13, 2018
DianeGArretsonChris and Harleyinstead of the fundraiser$50.00November 12, 2018
Zack and Rafael@Gravityview.coARNNE's work to save pets[donated $350/year software to ARNNE] "I just turned your license into a lifetime one, so you won't need to ever renew it. Thanks for your efforts in New England."$350.00November 9, 2018
StephanieLibermanLisa and Tom MilneHappy Birthday!$50.00March 5, 2018
HarperGlennTherenHappy 4th Birthday Theren!$20.00February 18, 2018
TherenTherenTheren’s 4th Birthday$50.00February 17, 2018Image
DanielleLordTheren CookHappy Birthday!$20.00February 17, 2018
TherenCookSad puppies that need homesYou are kind of the cutest, best kid ever! What a wonderful idea for your birthday.$30.00February 17, 2018
MichaelSmithButters' fighting spiritGet well soon!$100.00January 25, 2018
kathyjasilewiczStarrfor surgery$75.00December 27, 2017
CindyMiloshStarrI am looking forward to the day your forever family takes you home.$60.00December 21, 2017
AshleyGriffithStarrGet well soon! Praying you find your forever family soon!$50.00December 19, 2017
DawnEmanuelMeg Newman$15.00December 18, 2017
JanetOsterlindMeg Newman$100.00December 15, 2017
DawnEmanuelMeg NewmanHappy Holidays! 🙂$20.00December 14, 2017
ValerieFrissoraMeg NewmanTo a wonderful cause. Happy birthday Meg!$35.00December 11, 2017
BonnieGodasThe marriage of Garen Daley and Susan OnderwyzerCongatulations on you marriage! may your life together be full of joy!$25.00November 3, 2017
BonnieGodasThe marriage of Garen Daly and Susan OnderwyzerCongratulations and best wishes on your marriage.$25.00November 3, 2017
MadilynPilatoMadi Pilato$50.00August 21, 2017
O'Connor-Willis wedding 9-1-2017O'Connor-Willis wedding 9-1-2017O'Connor-Willis wedding 9-1-2017O'Connor-Willis wedding 9-1-2017$100.00August 9, 2017Image
Sharon & ChrisMaddoxEdward & Theresa Maddox$100.00March 27, 2017
Mr. & Mrs. D. GaryLerudeEdward Lee Maddox$25.00March 27, 2017
Open Book SystemsInc.Edward Lee Maddox$50.00March 27, 2017
DeannaBeetcherCarolPlease use this donation for a halo for Carol$50.00March 11, 2017
TriciaJacobsonBentley, the Pelham cocker puppy.$50.00December 14, 2016
LauraGilmanMiranda & Papi MongomeryI wanted to help Miranda with the adoption fee but she took care of heres hoping this helps others$25.00July 21, 2016
LeeCronkLee CronkHappy birthday Lee! You do amazing things!$125.00July 1, 2016
JasonMotzaNeecoBest Dog Ever! Miss You$25.00June 18, 2016
DeniseCorsileDenise corsileShe someday will have her own animal rescue$100.00June 6, 2016Image
SheriMorrisGizmo$25.00May 30, 2016
SueAnnPetreaPatrice for RalphPatrice, forcRalph$50.00March 29, 2016
johnmclaughlinThe Commerce Street CrewHappy Easter Mom, Clancy and Laney!$25.00March 27, 2016
SusanGayElena Delesantro$60.00January 24, 2016
FranDemianyMoki and Bubba -the best beagles thanks to ARNNE$36.00December 27, 2015
CynthiaHazardKenzie Bonnette$50.00December 13, 2015
MarianneFabianBen Casey$75.00December 8, 2015
theresamateriaRita W.Cormier$25.00August 12, 2015
SarahBurnsRita Cormier$100.00August 8, 2015
PaulineGouveiaRita Cormier$20.00August 6, 2015
paulinegouveiaRita Cormier$20.00August 6, 2015
RitaCormierRita Cormier$20.00August 6, 2015
JasonMotzaRita Cormier$25.00August 5, 2015
JeanAbramsonRobyn Dolliver, DVM$50.00July 8, 2015
 First Last In honor of: Message Total Entry Date Image
Thank You for These Donations to the Max Fund for Senior Dogs - Click to Donate to Senior Dogs
 First Last Total Entry Date
33$9.00February 5, 2021
christinatetreault$250.00December 30, 2020
DeanSousa$50.00July 1, 2020
KathyFoytho$500.00May 7, 2020
KathyFoytho$25.00April 3, 2020
JulieGallagher$500.00December 31, 2018
PattiKincman$15.00May 19, 2018
SandraSimon$50.00December 27, 2017
AdamReed$20.00December 19, 2017
BrendaWilliams$25.00December 9, 2017
KimberlySiddle$50.00December 3, 2017
JulieGallagher$28.00August 21, 2017
JulieGallagher$200.00August 14, 2017
JoanScanlon$25.00June 9, 2017
Franksapareto$375.00April 13, 2017
carolscherer$40.00December 20, 2016
KierstinSpringmann$25.00April 23, 2016
MarcelDubois$20.00December 28, 2015
 First Last Total Entry Date