New Hampshire Spay/Neuter Programs

Plan A: State Shelter Adopter’s Program

A pet adopted from a local shelter is eligible for spay/neuter assistance. An authorization form can be obtained by the shelter staff at time of adoption. There are many participating NH Veterinarians. The shelter can help you select a veterinarian near you.


spay and neuter

Plan B: State Low-Income Program

A pet owner is eligible for this program if they are receiving benefits from the following programs:

  • Food Stamp Program
  • Supplemental Security Income Program
  • Healthy Kids Golds Program
  • Temporary Aid to Needy Families Program
  • Needy Blind Program
  • Senior Adult Assistance Program
  • Air to the Permanently and Totally disable Program

Requests for applications can be made by calling the Program Administrator, NH Department Of Agriculture at

Each animal requires a separate application.

If you do not qualify for the above plans, and cannot afford the cost of surgery because of unemployment or underemployment, an application can be requested by calling  Barbara at 603-224-1361 before 2:00 pm.

Barbara will discuss the cost of spay/neutering with you and provide a list of participating Vets.