Our Inspiration

Meet Martin, Luther, King, Junior and Danner, our beloved boys that came to us on, you guessed it, Martin Luther King Day, January 2002 (Danner came on a different day).

These boys used to live the life of fighting, bloodshed, treadmills and steroids, thanks to Christopher Devito of Newton, NH.

Devito’s passions were drugs, money and forcing these loyal, loving dogs to do his dirty work.

He is currently serving time in prison for his “passions.”

Our boys were five of 42 dogs removed from Devito’s home, and needed to be held as state’s evidence in the trial against him.

The plan all along was to euthanize them once the state no longer needed them around.

That day came on May 22nd, 2002.

Two of our dedicated volunteers transported the dogs to their final destination.

We cared for and loved these boys for four months, and we were so impacted by their love for us, it led us to what we do today.

Whenever we begin to feel burned out, or like we can’t make a difference, we turn to our memories of “our boys.”

They remind us, from where they are, that if there is one more to save, we must try. For them.