Putts Fore Mutts

Putts Fore Mutts 2021 Pelham NH Golfing Fundraiser

Sponsor ARNNE next time you play golf. Upload your golfing pictures to celebrate!

Take Pictures While Golfing. After Playing, Come Back Here to Post Your Golfing Pix to Our Putts For Mutts Donor Page (link to come)

Putts Fore Mutts 2021

  • Help our dog fundraiser, play golf
    This is typically the largest fundraiser of the year, and the dogs (and cats) need your help! Please consider sponsoring one of these services.
  • Help save dogs and cats
    Over the past 12 months, ARNNE was able to save over 50 dogs and cats despite the fact that we raised less than 10% of our usual fundraising income. A few of our pups needed surgeries, medical treatments, or training in excess of $1,500 each. CAN YOU HELP US THIS YEAR? Thank you for your support!
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