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 . Grissom .
 . Grissom .  . Grissom .
  • Domestic Short Hair
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Prefers home without dogsPrefers home without small kids
Grissom here, and let me tell ya, I've got quite the cat-it-tude! I'm an older guy, so I'm pretty set in my ways, and sometimes it can be hard for me to make new friends. I promise though, with some time and patience (and some extra space) I'm going to be sound asleep on your couch in no time! I am a talkative guy, so hopefully you're up for some conversation! I am an independent dude, but once I get to know you I will certainly be happy to receive your affection. Because I'm a little sensitive in my older age, I'd prefer a house where I can have some peace and quiet, with no small kids or dogs. If you have some extra space for me to live out my retirement, ask to have a meeting with Grissom!
Senior, Male, Medium
 . Jack and Jill .
 . Jack and Jill .  . Jack and Jill .  . Jack and Jill .
  • Domestic Long Hair
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Special Needs
Jack and Jill, here! Jack and Jill are two very sweet senior cats looking for a home together. Jack is a big guy, with lots of fluff to love. He is quite the cuddler and lap cat extraordinaire, and will even flop over for a belly rub session. He is a very social guy and can often be found following his humans around. At 11, he is still a fantastic hunter, you'd be amazed by his skill. Jack does have diabetes, which is well managed by two shots a day. Jack is very good about taking the shots, and it's really quite easy once you get the hang of it. Jill is a real beauty, she is shiny and black and everything about her screams feminine. She’ll meow occasionally for attention but typically likes to watch from across the room. She loves her back rubbed and is addicted to her scratching board. She’s gentle and sweet to all she meets. When the weather is warm, they have been known to spend some time outside, where there were dogs and other cats which they didn't seem to mind. They have been around kids and did okay, but it was a while ago so it might be good for them to meet any future roommates of smaller stature beforehand. Please email if you are interested in Jack and Jill!
Senior, Male, Medium
 . Jetta .
 . Jetta .  . Jetta .
  • American
Hi! I'm Jetta. I am a sweet n sassy bun looking for a home of my very own. I love to play, chew, and I am pretty darn good at taking naps too. I am very entertaining to watch, and I have a great time in my pen! I carry sticks around like a puppy, and take long, satisfying naps. I know I'm super cute, but I would do best in a home with adults, who maybe have had bunnies before. I had a rough start to life, and I can tend to get protective around my space, as having a nice space is new to me! I will need someone who is understanding of my boundaries. Once I trust you, I know I'll make a fantastic companion, please come meet me!
Adult, Female, Large
 . Lilly .
 . Lilly .  . Lilly .  . Lilly .
  • Labrador Retriever, Mixed Breed
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Prefers home without dogsPrefers home without catsPrefers home without small kids
*CROSS POSTING, NOT AT ARL* Who needs siblings anyways? Lilly is a 3 y.o. spayed female lab/hound mix looking to be an only child again! Are you looking for a fun, loving, and easy to care for dog who acts like they won the lottery every time you come home? Are you at work most of the day and need a dog who can be left to their devices during the day and not get into anything or pee/poop in your house? Do you wish to keep your house from smelling and looking like a kennel all while enjoying the company of a loyal friend? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Lilly may be the girl for you! But are you the right master for Lilly? Here are some of Lilly’s requirements in a new home/master: • Absolutely no children or other pets • Strong leadership • Walk 4+ times per week • Loving environment • Must be okay with doggy kisses If you feel that you are a match for this obedient, loving, intelligent, and loyal little lady, please email
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Mason .
 . Mason .  . Mason .
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without dogsPrefers home without catsPrefers home without small kids
Alrighty folks, the name is Blue. It matches my color. Unfortunately, I ended up at this shelter due to strange circumstances. I was a stray, I wasn't a stray, I don't know. I just know that I ended up here. The down and dirty of it all is that I don't like other animals, so I am looking for a home as the only pet. I have a couple of quirks in the fact that I don't like to share my food or my favorite bones. With all that fun being said, I am a great dog! How awesome is it to take a home a new dog that is already housetrained?! I AM!!!! How awesome would it be to take home a new dog that won't chew a hole in your couch?! THAT'S ME!!!! I also walk well on leash, I pull initially but that's just because I'm so excited to be outside! Did I mention, I'm also pretty quiet? I'm not a singer like some of my hound neighbors, and I don't bark just for the heck of it, but I will let you know if something exciting is happening or someone is coming to the house who doesn't belong there. My friends at the shelter often refer to me as an overgrown Boston Terrier because of my pointy ears and my little weird tail. I think I'm handsome, I know you agree! I would really excel at being your one and only! Any single ladies willing to give this distinguished gentleman a partner for life? Think of me fondly!
Adult, Male, Medium
 . Maya .
 . Maya .  . Maya .  . Maya .  . Maya .
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without dogsPrefers home without catsPrefers home without small kids
Maya here! I think I'm perfect, but the staff at the shelter have some differing opinions to mine. That's okay though because it means I get a lot more one on one time and training. I'm incredibly motivated by food. You see, I was originally a young pup, about 3.5 months old, found running solo as a stray in North Carolina. I managed to catch myself a ride to NH where these people have found me a few homes, none of which have quite worked out. Being on my own in the beginning I learned to guard the things I found to be important to me. Now there's a lot of talk about sharing, and I'm starting to get the hang of it, but I'm gonna be honest, it definitely does not come easy to me. I don't like to be yelled at. I do better in a calm coaching environment. I do get frustrated, when I don't understand what is expected of me. I like to stay busy. I like to play with toys. I like to explore. I like to have a job. Without a job, I get into things and that does not please the people around me...... sadly. So according to the fine folks who work and volunteer at the shelter, I am a diamond... or more like a piece of coal. If me and my new people work hard enough, there's a diamond in there somewhere. Really, I need someone with some time on their hands who is willing to be consistent with me, and take me through the necessary steps to succeed in a home. Ideally, I could just find my partner, perhaps they have an interest in dog training, and are active. I could get on board with having 2 adults in my life so long as they talked to me in the same manner and had the same expectations. I would like for my next home to be my last home! I've tried living with other animals before but it hasn't gone well, so unfortunately, I'm not the biggest fan of all other dogs. Again, I'm working on it, but in my next home, I want to be someone's pride and joy, and that's just easier if I'm the only one. I feel like maybe I focused a bit too much on what makes me a difficult pup, but on a positive note, I don't mind being in my crate. I play fetch and will trade toys. I'm very good about going to the bathroom outside. I already know several commands. I'm as cute as a button, and I can't pass up a good belly rub. Alright, I'll stop talking now, but if you want to know more about me before coming in to the shelter feel free to reach out to my friends at
Young, Female, Medium
 . Paks and Zinacan .
 . Paks and Zinacan .  . Paks and Zinacan .  . Paks and Zinacan .  . Paks and Zinacan .  . Paks and Zinacan .
  • Xoloitzcuintli / Mexican Hairless
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
*COURTESY POST, NOT AT ARL* They say opposites attract. Well, these two brothers couldn’t be more different, yet they love each other unconditionally and have grown up together, therefore looking for them to spend the rest of their lives together. Paks was born in California. He definitely has that California attitude. He’s pretty laid back and independent, in fact, his favorite thing to do is hang out in the sun and just relax. This is fine in the winter months when he is curled up in his fleece pi’s but in the summer he needs to be careful not to become sun burned on his white spots. Another thing that Paks loves to do is cuddle up with someone when they are sitting down on the couch. He loves hanging out and relaxing with people. You will often see him sitting in-between someone’s legs falling asleep as they are watching television. While it seems as though he relaxes a lot, Paks will never turn down an opportunity to go for a walk. He loves to walk, smell the whole neighborhood and drag his tongue all over the place. Oh, did I not mention “The Tongue”…. The gene that causes the hairlessness also affects the teeth. After Paks lost his puppy teeth his tongue began to protrude. Now he just let’s it all hang out there 24 hours a day. He could keep it in if he wanted to but he’s more comfortable with it sticking out. The only difference we see with the tongue is that he tends to splash is food and water a bit while eating and drinking. Another favorite thing that Paks loves to do is sleep underneath the covers up close to someone. This keeps the person toasty warm as he’s just like a hot water bottle in bed since there is no hair to insulate his body heat. Zinacan comes from Massachusetts. He is “The Most” loyal dog you will ever meet. He loves being around people and wants to play and please all the time. He is very smart, intuitive, but can also be insecure and need some reassuring from his family including his brother. He loves riding in the car and will hang out on your lap and smell the passing air. He also loves to go for walks. He especially loves following people all over. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself walking with him and all of a sudden you can’t find him... Look down, he’ll be right at your feet looking up at you wagging his tail. He’s very good at staying right by your side. He loves playing tug of war with his bones and toys and will bring them to you to ask you to play with him. Zinacan also knows how to leave the toys and bones if you ask him to. He also loves playing ball out in the back yard. Zinacan also loves to sleep in bed with someone at night. Zinacan loves to have his butt rubbed. He will play and stick it out so that you can pet him and rub his butt. When you do this you’ll see his tail just wag and wag as he love this so. A home with a fenced in yard would be ideal so that they could go out and run around during the spring, summer and early fall. If you are interested in adopting us, please email our current owner
Adult, Male, Small
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