Read the story of Max, the inspiration behind our new fund for senior dogs.

Read about the dog who inspired ARNNE.

Read about the dog who inspired ARNNE’s Senior Dog Donation Fund.

Max came to ARNNE one stormy night in December 2008 because his owner had just passed away and there was no one to take care of Max.

He looked like he wasn’t long for this world either and all we could think of was to care for him and make him as comfortable as possible while he was still here on earth.

Julie one of ARNNE’s volunteers decided that Max could stay with her and what a blessing that turned out to be.

You see Max was very malnourished, had bare spots along his back, was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, a fungal skin infection, severe ear infections and was in mild kidney failure.

He could barely walk, he was so weak and he seemed very confused.

Through Julie’s due diligence, she got Max to eat and drink.

She cleaned him up and made him as comfortable as she possibly could in hopes that it would lift his spirit a little and to let him know that there were people who would care for him even though he no longer had his “Mom”.

Well it worked like a charm and what a surprise to us all when we realized that he wasn’t at death’s door and was becoming quite a fun loving boy.

His infections all cleared up and he had gained weight and got his hair back.

Julie also fostered a senior husky, Beau for us and he and Max became great friends.

Max had also adopted Julie and her family as his own.

Max died on April 13, 2009 of cardiac arrest which saddened all of us and especially Julie who was his savior and caregiver for the four months he was with her.

We know that he died a happy boy and because of Julie he didn’t die alone, unloved and forgotten.

For that we will be forever grateful to volunteers like Julie who give selflessly to help and protect animals like Max.

So we’ve created the Max Fund to honor the spirit of Max and all the other senior dogs just like him.

We’ll use the funds that you donate to help other senior dogs enjoy their “golden years” in comfortable, loving surroundings.

This quote says it all:

“He is your friend, your partner,
your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader. He will
be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat
of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of
such devotion.” Unknown

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Older dogs need more love.

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Make a difference to an older dog.

Make a difference to an older dog.