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Meet Max, the inspiration behind The Max Fund for Senior Dogs

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Max came to ARNNE one blustery night in December 2008 because his loving owner had passed away and there was no one to care for him.

In dire straits and in desperate need of medical attention, he was severely malnourished and weak, had bare spots on his back, was dazed and confused, and could barely walk. Thankfully, Julie, one of our dedicated volunteers, took the ailing dog home with her.

Fearful that Max himself was on the brink of death, Julie was determined to do all she could do make him as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. She quickly gained his trust, cleaned him gently and patiently urged him to eat and drink. Then she brought him to our vet, where he was diagnosed with an ear infection, a fungal skin infection and a urinary tract infection. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also in mild kidney failure.

But against all odds, the long-suffering dog’s strength and feistiness surfaced. With Julie’s ongoing ministrations and attention, he fought back, progressing paw step by paw step towards the Max he once was. His infections cleared up, he gained weight, his hair grew in, and he morphed into a spirited and fun-loving pup.

Not only was Julie fostering Max, she was also fostering a senior Husky named Beau. He and Max became fast friends while the ever-flourishing Max adopted Julie and her family as his own.

Then, on April 13, 2009, Max died of cardiac arrest. His death saddened us and devastated Julie, his savior and tender caregiver for the four short months he lived with her. And yet we knew Max died, not as he might have died, alone and forgotten, but content in the knowledge that he had been deeply loved when it mattered most.

ARNNE is forever grateful to volunteers like Julie who give selflessly of themselves to nurture and protect vulnerable dogs like Max. And so, to honor his spirit, we’ve created the Max Fund for Senior Dogs. Your tax-deductible donations will be used to help other senior dogs enjoy their “golden years” in comfortable and loving surroundings.

This quote says it all: “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

Or to donate by check:

  1. Make a check payable to “Animal Rescue Network of New England (ARNNE)”
  2. In the memo enter The Max Fund for Senior Dogs
  3. Include your email address for a receipt.
  4. Please mail your check to:

Animal Rescue Network of New England (ARNNE)

P.O. Box 1053
Pelham, NH 03076

Older dogs need more love.

Once your donation has been received we will mark it as complete and you will receive an email receipt for your records. Please contact us with any questions you may have!


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Make a difference to an older dog.
Make a difference to an older dog.